Vicen Vet: a revolutionary device that transforms Dry Eye treatment in pets.

Vicen Vet

Dry eye Disease, is a condition that affects many pets, causing discomfort, itching and even vision loss. Until now, treatment options were limited and often ineffective. However, the arrival of Vicen Vet, a pioneering device by Gran Canaria ophthalmologist Vicente Rodríguez, has revolutionized the panorama.

The 1st VICEN VET Symposium: A huge success!

Simposio Vicen Vet

Last Friday, April 19, the capital of Gran Canaria became the national epicenter of veterinary ophthalmology with the celebration of the 1st VICEN VET Symposium. A unique meeting that brought together veterinarians, specialists, and animal welfare enthusiasts to address the latest advances and innovations in this field.